Checker Plate

Calgary Metal Market is the industry leader for all things Aluminum
Checker Plate!
We offer this versatile material in many different sheet sizes, thicknesses
and formats.
Don't need a full sheet? No problem! We don't just sell checker plate by
the sheet, we also sell it by the square foot and will cut it right to size for
you with our precision shear!
We also offer bending in house! Corner guards, fenders, bumper covers,
channels, wall protectors. If your project requires some bends, come and
see us!
This material has 1000+1 uses. Common applications include trailers,
rock guards, floors, food trucks, garage walls, shop walls, corner guards,
commercial kitchens, work bench, back splashes, tonneau covers and
much, much more!

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Lionel Ritchie

PM, Genstar